Obama, the most popular twitter

Meet Barack Obama, the most followed person in the world — on Twitter.  As of today, the US presidential candidate has 103,234 followers.  Despite his tremendous popularity, Obama’s campaign doesn’t use the service very aggressively with only 236 updates (tweets).

Most of his updates have been notifications of where Obama is speaking and a link to watch the events live.  I would have thought that the Obama campaign would be more engaged on Twitter with so many followers, employing some creative micro blogging techniques. They could be providing links to favoring blogs, re-inforcing the negative advertisements about opponents, or playing off of his popular persona.  Rather, the Obama campaign is taking the safe route right now.  Personally, I’d love to see something more risky, controversial and engaging.  Come on, it’s more than 100,000 followers waiting for his insights.

The second most followed person on Twitter is Robert Scoble, a popular tech blogger from the Bay area.  He has 36,553 followers and a whopping 14,682 tweets.

Barack Obama’s US presidential election opponent, John McCain, has 3,657 followers (not sure if this is run by McCain’s campaign group, although it appears that way).  He has 21 tweets.