Confessions about my intervention

I’ve been known to give constructive feedback every so often, especially at work. It’s probably a lot easier than receiving one. However, receiving constructive feedback is much more beneficial — IF you LET it be.

Almost a year ago, I walked into my own INTERVENTION. It was after a team meeting at ZeroDash1. As I walked out, feeling good about my presentation, Josiah Johnson and Rachel Cascisa asked to have a word with me.

They were nice about it, but basically told me that I was not dressing for success. As the executive representative of ZeroDash1, I needed to present a more professional and fashionable image. Gulp. Totally speechless.

Looking down at my favorite cotton knit sweater (with an awesome fly fisherman on the front), I couldn’t fathom what they were trying to tell me. I’d been wearing this sweater for almost ten years! You couldn’t find sweaters like this anymore. Apparently, that was their point.

After letting me know that the “Bill Cosby” sweaters are out, they moved the intervention to the next stage: A Banana Republic website. Boy, they were prepared.

I realized then that there were age-appropriate business casual attire out there that is more modern than my baggy carry-overs from the 80’s and 90’s. And most of all, if these employees cared enough to have an intervention for me, I needed to make a better effort representing them.

In our industry, business casual sometimes leads to casual to sloppy casual. Now that I’m paying more attention, I can see that appropriate dress codes in the work place can have a real positive impact. It shows respect for oneself as well as for others. A group of well-dressed people have an energy about them.

So again, I’m humbled and learn another valuable lesson from those close to me. But hey, that favorite sweater… it’s still in the closet. Those are going to make a comeback.