Foundation for ZeroDash1

zd1_logo_rgb2When we started discussions about forming a web analytics/SEO consultancy, we naturally brain-stormed about possible service and product offerings. Even more dominate in our conversations, however, were thoughts about the kind of company culture we wanted to build.Sure, we recognized that as more and more marketing spend moved to the interactive medium, the need for effective and relevant measurements on digital campaigns would become increasingly critical.

Yet, even prior to detailing a business plan around this opportunity, we wanted to employ a few concepts from “Good to Great“. We hired the “right” people before committing to the “what” of our service offerings. We were convinced that our ideas and focus would change over time in the fast-evolving world of interactive marketing. We would eventually figure out our “sweet spot” as long as we had the right people in place. We wanted to build a team of experts and critical thinkers who shared a passion for measuring marketing campaigns and positively effecting ongoing performance of such campaigns. Of course, we also wanted individuals who had a client-centric orientation.

At the same time, the founders committed to a culture of humility in leadership, as well as a culture of steadfast “WILL” for success. We were determined to execute on our objectives for the company.

Et voila, ZeroDash1.