Wondering in Paris… into unintended Places

20181014_235417-01Story time from Paris… when I arrived my luggage did not. No matter, I was going to enjoy being back in Paris and explored two days in the same clothes without a shave AND without a care in the world.
When I later checked with Air France, they still hadn’t located my bag so I decided that it was time to go shopping for a razor, a tooth bush and a new shirt and underwear.
Feeling tired on my way back to the hotel, I ducked into a dark bar in an alley. After ordering a beer, I climbed onto a stool and noticed that the two televisions in front of me were playing porn… actually hardcore gay porn. This was my first experience watching gay porn.
I must admit that I did feel awkward and tried to discreetly divert my eyes away from the screens. I stared into my beer for awhile, then later started playing with my phone without much purpose.
As I was walking out after finishing my beer, the bartender picked up the receipt that I had left behind, and told me that it is good for a free beer when I come back.
I’m still without my luggage with two meetings scheduled, going on day 3. But you know, I’m really enjoying myself. I’m going to dip french bread into steaming, hot, rich chocolate for breakfast this morning. Life is good and full of surprises.