The dreams of ePods’ digital world will become reality through wearable technologies

In the late 1990’s we had a vision at the start up ePods. We produced one of the first generation tablets and we had dreamed of offering consumers an easier, better way to access the internet. Shortly after launching our device into some of the Federated stores, we went out of business when we couldn’t secure funding as the dot com bust exploded all around us in 2000.

Yet, I’ve never forgotten our vision, which started coming into reality just recently. Apple first with the iPhone and then with the iPad were able to bring to market our dreams in a way that we never could have imagined. The iPhone interface was clearly a game changer.

We also had dreamed of more than just making a device that can easily access the internet. We thought that if we were able to seed the market with such a product, eventually voice recognition and artificial intelligence (AI)I technologies would advance to the point where we can access the world wide web without any keyboards. In essence, we could all have virtual butlers through such devices to service many of our needs.  Of course, we weren’t the only company to dream of such a world. Yet, our belief was that our ePods device would be the “gateway” into such a world. It was a good dream at the wrong time.

Now some 13 years later, that world is becoming a reality.  Especially now with the rapid advancements of wearable technologies, our imagined ePods world will soon be today’s reality in a fantastic way. Not only will we be linked to the massive amount of data and services on the internet through a wearable device, but these products will also gather our vital signs or locate us anywhere and direct appropriate behaviors.  The possibilities are endless. And I, for one, can’t wait to see this digital world develop right before my eyes in the coming years.