After lunch naps help productivity

I’m on a Southeast Asia trip, starting in Ho Chi Minh City before going to Singapore. I’ve always enjoyed visiting this office for the warmth and enthusiasm of the team members. All the corporate travelers have learned a lot from the team here.

One thing that I’d like to incorporate into our office back home is a short nap time after lunch. I know other cultures also allow for this at the workplace. It makes so much sense. All studies show that short naps really help people stay alert and productive. Highly successful people tend to know how to take breaks and work in bursts. Whenever, I’m here, I too try to take a short nap after lunch even for 10 minutes. I find it very rejuvenating, especially since I’m usually already tired from traveling such a long distance.

In the office, the staff members bring stuffed animals to be used as pillows, and either lay on the floor underneath their desks or nap in their chairs. One social analyst named Mai is nice enough to share her stuffed cat whenever I’m in town. As a visiting executive, I get to lay down on a couch in one of the conference rooms. Someday, maybe I will plot down under my “hot desk” here.  It would be interesting if I napped under my desk in the Seattle office after lunch. Wonder what the reaction would be there?