Making the most of each and every day

We’ve all been told to make the most of each day. Many think that this means we have to do something special each and every day. That is not sustainable. Some really “enthusiastic-about-life” people burn out quickly trying to make each day an adrenalin rush.

Most successful and well-adjusted people understand how to progress each day toward one’s overall life goals or “calling” — and they know how to enjoy the journey. This doesn’t mean doing something spectacular each day, but rather being able to appreciate that the small steps are critical parts to making impact on one’s personal life or the workplace.

For example, a Sunday afternoon nap that completely rejuvenates me can be a big step for a productive week ahead. Therefore, that nap should be enjoyed and appreciated, rather than being considered an unproductive guilty pleasure. Playing cards with a grandmother for hours is core to building one’s character and gaining insight on life, and not a waste of time.

You can make the most of each and everyday. It is sustainable with the right perspective and clear overarching goals for your life.