Social Media is an interactive platform, not a blow horn

Imagine going to a cocktail party. You arrive fashionably late, and can hear the excited chatter of people mingling as you enter. A few people glance up, greeting you with their eyes and smiles.

You saunter toward an interesting circle of people conversing, and at an appropriate opening tell everyone that you are a mortgage consultant who can help anyone refinance their houses. And before anyone can respond , you explain how mortgage rates are the best ever in history. In fact, you check your iPhone, the rates just came down again today. And you had a double tall, skinny latte this morning.

No? Obvious faux pas? Then, why do so many people and brands behave so ignorantly? With so much information about social media etiquette, why do brands with serious capital act gauche online?

Whether it’s a personal brand or a corporate brand, present an authentic personality. Humans are innately social beings and react well to others with personality and social graces. You need that credibility before you start telling tastefully the additional values you can bring for them. Over time, appropriate people will be attracted to your social personality and listen, engage.

Remember that social is an interactive platform, not a blow horn to get your message across.