Live your passion, integrate your life

Last visit to Vietnam, was on the beaches watching local fishermen
Last visit to Vietnam, enjoyed beaches & watching local fishermen

For me, work and personal life mostly overlap.

I don’t work 9 to 5. Sometimes, I’m golfing in the morning and working at night. Other times, I’m at happy hour with colleagues by 4 pm, then head home to answer work emails. I’m not so atypical, as many people enjoy the same flexible work environment.

My industry of high-tech and marketing attracts many young, urban types. So, I’ve had some of my most fun moments socializing after hours with my co-workers. Oh, the stories we can tell.

Some people like to separate their social friends from their work friends. For me, I want to form social relationships with people in my company because it makes working with them more enjoyable.

Given how much effort and time I spend at my livelihood, I want to make sure I am passionate about my job.  Life is really too short to settle for anything less. And if you are passionate about your work, how can you not let it be a part of your personal life as well? Important components of your life should be integrated. We should be living one life.

So, whether I’m being very competitive playing PES on Xbox in the office or excited to be working on a pivot table at home prior to going to bed, I’m living my passions.

I guess I’m lucky as a serial entrepreneur that I have had the opportunity to structure my jobs. When starting Lift9, I asked myself what are things that get me really excited? Certainly, the field of marketing, and more specifically the area of social media data, really, really excite me. However, having lived in four different countries, I also wanted to start a company with an international twist.

Now, I’m very excited to be traveling to Asia this weekend as part of my job. When I’m there, my life will become more fulfilling whether I’m working or not. Live your passion.