Survey: Did the negative sentiment created by #motrinmoms benefit or hurt the Motrin product?

Meet #motrinmoms, the latest symbol of the power of social media.  They created an uproar through twitter and blogs about a Motrin ad that presented babies as an “accessory”.

Motrin executives pulled the ad in two days and offered up an apology. Powerful stuff, no doubt.  The viral nature of the uproar proved that this is indeed a new age of “collaborative marketing”.  In this case, the people spoke and spoke loudly.  To Motrin executives’ credit, they listened to the feedback and reacted rather swiftly.

No question, the sentiment towards Motrin was negative during this ordeal. However, the question now is what was the “business” impact of what transpired? According to Compete Pro, Motrin’s website had a 10X increase in traffic. My colleague at Ascentium, Anil Batra, wrote this more detail analysis on the #motrinmoms phenomenon.

Certainly, more people know about Motrin now than prior to the hoopla.  So, I’d like to pose a survey on what you believe was the result from this incident.

Here is the controversial Motrin Ad.