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Vietnam Office Wins Over Visitors

Now it’s almost become routine. Work visitors from all over the world coming through the Alterian Vietnam office in Ho Chi Minh City, leaving with warm memories and a real affinity for the team. This past week we had 10 visitors in the office. One group was there to launch projects for a wonderful new client, who has really […]

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Provide Support Without Removing Responsibility

Today, with the leadership team in our Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh City) office, we discussed providing support without removing responsibility. This is one of the five key principles of communication as outlined by Development Dimensions International, a management training program that I highly recommend. I think it is somewhat obvious that leaders, managers, parents should be providing […]

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Succession Planning Leads to More Effective Team

Succession planning is a critical part of management that is often overlooked. Great leaders develop great teams. Some mistake charismatic people as naturally effective leaders. These people can be very effective in doing amazing things by themselves but often times over-shadow their team, not allowing others to grow around them. If one thinks in terms of a succession plan, […]

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Social Media Disruption

What does opportunity look like? How does disruption impact an industry? Here are social media monitoring tools recently acquired by variety of industries (CRM, PR, Market Research, Retail): – Techrigy – Biz360 -Drillteam -Stepchange -Crayon -Jitterjam -Evolve24 -Sysomos -Overtone -Kosmix -Radian6 How about these consultancies, which all focus on Social Media and were recently acquired? […]

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Advocating Single Six-Year Terms for Politicians

So, it’s a “belated” tax day this year. Hope everyone was able to get their tax finished and submitted. Our government needs everyone’s money! This is a good opportunity to discuss the US government’s deficit and all the issues surrounding it. Throughout this blog, I advocate optimism and living a positive life. However, such an outlook on […]

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Feeding Off Of People’s Energy

Over time, I’ve learned to trust my “gut feel” more and more. Especially with people, I give a lot of weight to my initial perception around a person’s energy. This is one of the reasons that I’m such an urban person. My appetite for feeding off of other people’s energy is pretty insatiable. During this […]

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A Box of Thank You’s Create Positive Energy in the Office

In our London office, we have a team meeting every Friday, usually with some wine and beer. It’s a great time to go over the developments from the week and talk about office topics in a social setting. For some time, I’ve noticed that the team members read from a decorative box, labeled “Ideas / Thank you’s” […]

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Not All Dollars Equal

In business, not all dollars are necessarily equal. If you generate $1 in an industry with a much higher “multiples” than another (i.e. web-based companies versus textile), that dollar is obviously worth more. In another example, if a company has a lot of government contracts, then each dollar it generates from the private sector is usually worth more […]

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Social Media Market Opportunities Moving Forward

It’s been a whirlwind of a week here in the UK. After the resignation of Alterian’s CEO, David Eldridge, I arrived to share my ideas about moving our ‘Social’ line of business forward in the upcoming fiscal year. The opportunity ahead remains tremendous. With Radian6 being acquired by a couple of weeks ago and then Kana […]

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Affect Your Self-Fulfilling Prophecies… Duh

Self-fulfilling prophecies are definitely real. It is real in very facet of life. So, I wonder why some people think so negatively? Any person who has ridden motorcycles knows that if you stare at an obstacle, that’s where the bike will be headed — probably at  high speeds. When presenting business plans to executives or potential […]

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