Exploding fun for Halloween or birthdays from “Send A Cake”

Are you interested in spicing up a family gathering for a birthday? I got an idea for you. Actually, the idea is really what my nephew Aaron Song, his wife Aileen and their company Send A Cake are delivering.

Aaron has been a successful serial entrepreneur for years, mostly leveraging his smarts and experience with digital marketing and his business acumen. He’s also been an angel investor for startups in the Seattle area, and that’s how he first found Send A Cake.

The concept of exploding cakes to spice up an event is genius, especially when we were locked down during the pandemic. But initially, the company needed better exposure to gain some sales momentum. Once that was accomplished, the company needed to improve its supply chain and manufacturing capabilities. Aaron’s skills were a perfect match and the company has “exploded” since his involvement. Now, Send A Cake has its own warehouse in Kent, WA to keep up with demand.

Selling memorable experiences is what Send A Cake does. Here are some recent memories from our family. If you are interested in the Halloween selection, click here. I love the enchanted spell book.

Exploding Halloween book. Very appropriate for the season https://sendacake.com/halloween

Look at her face!!! Happy birthday to our mother/grandmother