My America So Different Than Donald Trump’s America

Whew! I’m so glad that I live in a different America than Donald Trump. It seems pretty dire where he lives.
Fortunately, my America is prosperous with a record breaking stock market, low unemployment and decidedly the largest economy in the world. My America is the undisputed leader in technology innovations – empowering the sharing economy, dominating social media platforms and leading the efforts on automated cars. My America welcomes immigrants with a dream, “the American dream,” who start 50% of the top funded startup companies in the country, creating jobs and wealth for other Americans. In fact, 40% of the Fortune 500 companies in my America were founded by immigrants or their children.
My America continues to see crime rates go down to modern historic lows, while still holding even persons in authority accountable for their actions.  The people in my America show Christian (and other religious) values by being the most generous in the world, not by self-righteous, divisive demagogue.
We are introspective and thoughtful, always striving for improvement. We are not tribal. We stand for the principles of American meritocracy.
We do not long for some “glorious” past but rather embrace the future that we can lead.
I do not know the America that Donald Trump speaks of, and I hope that I never will.