#PleasantSurprises of your lives

The hashtags on Twitter can serve many purposes. Certainly, they help people  filter for current topics of interest. It should be no surprise that #JobsSpeech is very popular today given President Obama’s speech earlier.

Other hashtags can be just for entertainment/fun value.  Some of these allow people to share interesting thoughts and experiences under a common theme. For example, #ICanHonestlySay, #The LastTimeIChecked, #NationalKissDay and many others can bond/entertain us under one subject line.

While cats on the internet seem to make many people happy, I have a Twitter hashtag that I particularly enjoy — #PleasantSurprises. This isn’t a very popular hashtag but most entries make me smile, brightening up my day somewhat. Furthermore, I think taking the time to tweet a #PleasantSurprise has to have a therapeutic effect on people who are tweeting this hashtag.

I especially like to tweet #PleasantSurprises while traveling on business. It helps me to keep an appreciative perspective on all the wonderful things that happen to me on a daily basis even when I’m away from my family. I’ve been told verbalizing positive thoughts is good for the soul. Well, tweeting #PleasantSurprises is also effective in keeping an appreciative state of mind. Doing this might surprise you on how many great happenings in our lives that we usually take for granted.

Let me share some of my recent #PleasantSurprises:

  • #PleasantSurpirses: When a childhood friend finds you on FB
  • #PleasantSurprises: Given a free dessert with a smile at a Lebanese restaurant in Edgeware Road, London
  • #PleasantSurprises: Invited to a 3-day sailing trip in the UK. Hope no rain gear will be necessary
  • Walking through the front door & smelling dumplings (mandoo) being fried  #PleasantSurprises
  • An unexpected late night call from friends who moved away saying they are visiting #PleasantSurprises