Finding passion in a career

People often ask me how they might find their “passion” in their careers. Simple question that is difficult to answer.

I’m a firm believer in being passionate about what a person does. However, many people think that they only have the ONE true passion in their lives. It’s kind of like finding that one “soul mate”.  In either case, I believe there is more than one potential option. And in both cases, it is commitment that creates fulfillment.

We all have the potential to have passions in different careers. As a young man, I would have never thought that I could be so passionate about company-buiding as I am today. I was passionate about sports and wanted to be a sports journalist. I’m still a big sports fan and may have had a passionate career as a sports writer. But in my life journey, I found another more compelling passion.

When people are young, I recommend trying different things. Then, narrow the focus to things that you are really good at — or have the potential to be really good. Also, pay attention to tasks that really focus your attention, where you often lose yourself in the work. These are areas where you can get into your “zone”, when time flies and you reach a high level of productivity. You probably can find your passion in those types of work.

Then, when you make a career choice, commit to it. Many people are always looking around to see if there is a better opportunity. Life is always full of other options, but you can only be passionate if you commit to a direction.

A few of us are lucky and discover our passion young in life, maybe as an artist, musician or as a teacher. For the rest of us, we need to be deliberate about recognizing what we are good at and then making a commitment.