Report on Nordstorm shows Lift9’s capabilities

Here on this blog, I’ve often written about the progress of my newest venture, Lift9. My thoughts on company-building and entrepreneurship are a recurring theme for sure.

After coming up with a business plan in July and finding the right partners, we started hiring and building a social media research center in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. That has been, and continues to be, a tremendously rewarding experience. Our staff there has exceeded all my expectations not only in ability, but also in their embrace of our company vision and culture.

After a couple of months of ramp, we started to offer our services here in the US to forward-looking brands. Our traction really started to take hold this month in December. We are closing out 2009 with great anticipation for the coming year.

Amongst friends, however, some still have a difficult time grasping what it is that Lift9 does. This is not surprising given the newness of our industry in social intelligence. Recently, Lift9 posted one of our research reports on Slideshare (see below). This report measures the sentiment and reaction on social media to Nordstorms’ New Moon Sweepstakes campaign and its Twilight Fashion Line.

Our reports require a lot of data cleansing and validation, but the findings are very interesting. Also, we try to have tangible actionable takeaways from each page.

I hope this helps everyone understand the value that Lift9 is providing, and why we are all so excited about our future.

Peace everyone!