Grandmother, Grandson ‘Bond’ through Texting

My mother (71-years-old) called me excitedly to tell me that she had a “text” conversation with my son Jef (20-years-old) yesterday. Here is a creatively paraphrased version of the conversation as I understood it (I put in parenthesis what I imagine they were thinking).

Grandmother: “Hi Jeffrey, this is grandma. I was thinking of you. What are you doing?” (Hey Jef, I just learned to text and want to show off to you )

Grandson: “Hi gm, at festival” (What? My grandma is texting me)

Grandmother: “What kind festival?” (He texted me back! He texted me back!)

Grandson: “Bumbershoot. Music festival. Dank.” (I wonder why she is asking?)

Grandmother: “Yes, drink lots of water. No alcohol. Are you with friends?” (I’m so cool)

Grandson: “with gf.” (?? This is just like when mom bothers me)

Grandmother: “You’re a nice boy and good to your grandma. I love you Jeffrey. Be safe.” (I like texting)

Grandson: “Ok grandma. Peace.” (My grandma is pretty chill)

Want to talk to the young people today? You have to use their mode of communication. Kudos to my immigrant mother for teaching herself how to text. I’m impressed she figured out how to use the phone key pad to type. My wife had just bought her a phone and put her on our AT&T family plan — with unlimited texting.