The Journey from Martin Luther King to our new President Barack Obama



Meet Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  Not much I can really say that has not already been said.

He steadfastly advocated peace while championing an explosive social issue of the time in civil rights.  He stood against an unjust politicians’ war in Vietnam at the risk of losing many of of his civil rights supporters. He spoke up for all the poor and disenfranchised regardless of race.  He made people believe in a nation’s  future when despair abounded.

He was prophetic in predicting that he would not be of this world when much of his dream would come true.  Many see President-elect Barack Obama’s inauguration tomorrow as the symbol of completion to  Dr. King’s dream.  It’s not.  I’m sure he would be championing many modern issues should he still have been alive today.  So much more to do.

Nonetheless, Barack Obama’s road to becoming the first African-American president in America was paved by Dr. Martin Luther King.  A little known fact is that Dr. King had predicted in 1965 an African-American President within 25 years. He had confidence that such an occurrence would happen.  He was again prophetic, although it took America a little longer than he had thought.

It’s an exciting time from today’s celebration of Martin Luther King Day to tomorrow’s inauguration of Barack Obama.  It’s a good time to be an American.

And I will be continuously praying that the security forces be extremely diligent around our new President.  Sadly, our country has had a history of losing great national heroes to internal American assassins: From Lincoln to the Kennedy’s to Martin Luther King.  We cannot afford another.  The enemies of our celebrated progress are more marginalized and desperate than ever.  They actually scare me more than the terrorists from abroad.  Long live our new President.

Here is a wonderful tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King that ties in tomorrow’s inauguration (by “hotsidechick on vimeo). You will have to click through to vimeo since I don’t know how to post the video directly on WordPress. Sorry :(.  Watch in full screen.

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