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Blagojevich is Out… but I’m sure He Still Loves Himself

Meet Again Mr. Blockhead himself, now former gov. Rod Blagojevich.  Finally, he’s out of office as the Illinios Senate voted unanimously Thursday to impeach the delusional governor. A bizarre sequence of events lead to his impeachment.  Mr. Blockhead was arrested on federal corruption charges in December for allegedly trying to sell or trade a US Senate […]

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TechFlash Launches Serving the Local Technology Industry

Meet TechFlash.  Last Thursday, TechFlash had its launch party at the Palace Ballroom in Seattle. TechFlash is a blog by Seattle tech startup writer John Cook and Microsoft beat writer Todd Bishop. They recently both left Seattle PI to join Puget Sound Business Journal to start TechFlash. TechFlash is instrumental to the local technology community. John […]

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Steve Jobs’ First Big On Stage Demo

Meet Steve Jobs, 25 years ago on his first big on-stage demo for Macintosh computer.  What a great man, impacting the world even today.  He always made you believe that he has something magical.  Just great instincts on connecting with consumers.   I first found this video on TechCrunch.  Enjoy.

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The Journey from Martin Luther King to our new President Barack Obama

Meet Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  Not much I can really say that has not already been said.   He steadfastly advocated peace while championing an explosive social issue of the time in civil rights.  He stood against an unjust politicans’ war in Vietnam at the risk of losing many of of his civil rights […]

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Mryon Rolle, Rhodes Scholar Recipient, Deserves More Highlights

Meet Mryon Rolle, a four-year starting safety for Florida State University… and a Rhodes Scholar recipient.   In a sport where raw machismo is much more valued than mental dexterity, Rolle is a shining example of a consummate student athlete.  He excels both in football and academic learning.  And recently, he’s made his difficult decision […]

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Celebrate Korean-American Day: I Love the Hyphen

  Let me introduce to you  to Korean-American Day… well it was yesterday.  Yeah, apparently the US congress, in honor of the centennial anniversary of Korean immigration, appointed January 13 as Korean-American Day back in 2003.   So, it’s not quite  St. Patty’s day the Irish got, but having a day to remember my heritage […]

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Amazing Story About A Best Friend Couple: An Elephant and A Dog

      Meet Tara and Bella, the most unlikely of best friends.  One’s an elephant and the other a dog.  I just couldn’t resist but to post this video from  In the end, connecting with another living being is as rewarding as it gets during our time on earth.  Why is it that […]

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Eggsprout Launches Social Media Online Job Site

Meet Hsu Ken Ooi, the guy on the right.  When working at CSG Openline, we had hired him straight out of college (University of Washington).  Even then, everyone knew he would end up starting his own company.  It was a given. He’s extremely motivated, focused and ambitious.  About a year ago, he and the other […]

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Terry Drayton may Pay High Price for Telling His Side of the Story at Count Me In

Meet Terry Drayton, the Chief Executive at the embattled Count Me In.  This company recently made headlines when 200 youth sports programs that used  the company’s online services to collect registration fees and donations were not appropriately paid.  Apparently, Count Me In has a $5 million shortfall in client moneys. Recently, John Cook interviewed him, […]

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Less is Better for the Year of the Ox

Meet 2009, the year of the ox.  It’s my year.  I was born in the year of the ox.  For me, though, this year’s focus will be living with less.  In 2009, less is better.   The year 2008 showed us that our capitalistic system, if left to its own, would implode with greed.  In […]

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