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Packing Again

It’s time to pack again. At least I can take a small suitcase since I’m headed to tropical weather in Saigon. Today is my younger son’s 21st birthday, but we celebrated last night with the extended family by grilling filet mignons and lobsters. He’s got big plans to spend a few nights at the Tulalip Casino […]

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Organizing to be Adaptive as a Competitive Advantage

Natural law says that the ability to adapt and evolve are the keys to survival. In today’s business with technologies disrupting the environment, this has become even more obvious. Inability to adapt fast enough has for ever changed the viability of many newspapers and magazines. An internet start-up like TMZ has completely changed People Magazine’s status within the market place. Netflix continues […]

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Be Real, but also be Inspiring in Planning

Greetings from Bristol, once a central port city to the old European Slave trade. Today, it’s a nice British town with a vibrant college feel. I’m here for an executive planning session. That means a lot of staring at spreadsheets and engaging in “street (US) / “city” (UK) talk about the company. I’m pretty comfortable with it […]

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Observations of Seoul

Just concluded a week-long visit to Seoul, Korea. Certainly, a lot has changed since I lived here 20 years ago. The country has become truly an affluent, developed nation. People seem a bit more relaxed, courteous, without the constant chip on the shoulder like before. The things that impressed me the most were: Food. Affluence brings lots […]

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5 Simple Advice For Entrepreneurs

All around me, there are people who are taking the leap into entrepreneurship. I think it is an exciting time when startups are hot again. As a person who was fortunate enough to be involved in six different startups as a minority founder to sole founder, I get excited every time I hear about a […]

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Investors, Entrepreneurs Differ in Perspective

Catching up with old friends is one of the best parts of visiting Seoul, a city where I used to live some 20 years ago. One such friend has recently started his own venture after spending many years as an executive with investment banks and most recently with Google’s Merger & Acquisitions team. After years of targeting […]

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Unlikely of Friends in the Unlikeliest of Situations

Twenty-six years ago (1985), I showed up in Seoul as a naive Korean-American student looking to find my roots. The problem was that I had very little Korean language skills and even less cultural perspective. At the time, a 6′ 4″ bald white man befriended me and took me under his wing. No one stuck out […]

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Three Key Principals of Managing Change

Sometimes in the cycle of a business, drastic structural changes are needed for an organization to leap to the next level of development and growth. Such changes are never easy and some companies altogether fail to recover from such an event. There are three key principles can help an organization maneuver through such drastic changes. […]

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RSA Animate – Drive: The surprising truth about what motivates us

Even if you’ve seen this before, it’s great to be reminded about what really motivates us, especially during business planning cycles like the one we are in currently.

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