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By Chance Ethiopian Dinner Experience

´╗┐It was by sheer chance. A business colleague and I were discussing a possible channel partnership agreement while having drinks at a Jazz club in West London. When it was my turn to refresh our drinks, I bumped into a friendly Ethiopian lady visiting family from Singapore. Both my business colleague and I knew a […]

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Making Excuses for Your Management Team?

Management teams say a lot about any company. Effective leaders surround themselves with great people. Such leaders understand their weaknesses and know how to augment those inadequacies by hiring accordingly. Real leaders are not afraid to hire people who will challenge them intellectually. An effective CEO also knows when someone on his/her management team will […]

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What Type of Music Are You?

Music can effect our moods, alter our perceptions, manipulate our emotions. The music on any video can change the tone of the outgoing message. This is something we are all aware of, yet despite this awareness, it still effects us. Can you image a horror film without music to get you on the edge of […]

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Five Great Reasons To Love America

On this 4th of July celebration, let’s remember all the great things about America. Yes, I know the country is not perfect and we have a lot of challenges ahead. Still, I’m proud to be an American, maybe more so because of my immigrant background. Today, let me list five things I love about the […]

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Disruption Creates Opportunities

Disruptive forces in history make impact that is long-lasting and change the status quo. We as humans walked and ran for majority of our history. Then, the invention of wheels disrupted our lifestyle and allowed us to be much more mobile. The Mongols disrupted the world by using horses in warfare. The US became a […]

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