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Life A Continuous String of Events of People Impacting People

Looking back on one’s life, you quickly realize that it was other people who brought you to your current place in life. The way of the world is meeting people through other people. You impact people’s lives and people impact yours — sometimes even in ways you don’t realize. Here’s one personal string of events […]

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Social Media is an Interactive Platform, Not a Blow horn

Imagine going to a cocktail party. You arrive fashionably late, and can hear the excited chatter of people mingling as you enter. A few people glance up, greeting you with their eyes and smiles. You saunter toward an interesting circle of people conversing, and at an appropriate opening tell everyone that you are a mortgage […]

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Focusing Too Much on Managing Up Can Bring You Down

Some people are viewed as being better at managing “up” than managing “down”? To me, this is a contradiction. On a short-term basis, executives may be impressed with a manager “managing” up to them and their priorities. Ultimately, however, all executives are looking for outstanding output from their staffs. By focusing too much on managing […]

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Simple Risk-Aversion Test to See if You can Make it as an Entrepreneur

Often I meet people who tell me about their dreams to start their own business. They don’t want to work for the man all their lives. They ask me what it takes to start your own business. It’s a difficult question to answer because there are so many elements to being an entrepreneur. First, you […]

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Old Agency Players Need to Change the Game

I was recently reminded of a good old saying, “Don’t blame the player, blame the game!” In business if the leaders set up an environment that measures short-term Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s), the employees are going to react accordingly. The problem today is that our business world is full of copy cats and followers. Not […]

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Moving into a Condo in Downtown Seattle

We’re almost out of the boxes now. We just moved into a condo in the 2200 Building near the heart of downtown Seattle. Moving is never easy, but we’ve had a lot of practice at it. Since first meeting my wife 24 years ago, we’ve moved TO the Seattle area four separate times. And within […]

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