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Correcting Organizational Slices and Hooks in Real Time

On a golf course, many golfers aim far left of their target because they know they have a slice swing. Others aim way right knowing they have a hook swing. Either way the goal is to hit the “middle” of the fairway. Of course, that’s easier said than done. In a somewhat similar manner, start-up […]

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Effective Leaders can Course-Correct & Take Everyone on the Journey

Sometimes I envy those who are satisfied traveling alone on life’s journeys. How easy is that? You get to choose where you want to go, which route to take, what pace you want to travel. You don’t have to convince anyone else. You don’t have to build consensus. I often think about this in business terms. One of the […]

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Organizing to be Adaptive as a Competitive Advantage

Natural law says that the ability to adapt and evolve are the keys to survival. In today’s business with technologies disrupting the environment, this has become even more obvious. Inability to adapt fast enough has for ever changed the viability of many newspapers and magazines. An internet start-up like TMZ has completely changed People Magazine’s status within the market place. Netflix continues […]

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Three Key Principals of Managing Change

Sometimes in the cycle of a business, drastic structural changes are needed for an organization to leap to the next level of development and growth. Such changes are never easy and some companies altogether fail to recover from such an event. There are three key principles can help an organization maneuver through such drastic changes. […]

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Over-Communicate During Times of Change

Absent of clear information, people generally presume the worst. Therefore, in time of change or crisis, it is good to over-communicate with facts, as well as contextual information. Unfortunately, it is during these times of change that leaders are buried in the day-to-day and communicate the least. Often, unsure of next steps or too wrapped […]

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After Merger, Harnessing Friction to Hone The Blade

Organizational optimization, now that’s a mouth full. Whenever you go through a merger, there is some underlying compelling business reason. Successfully integrating two entities, however, isn’t as easy as merely modeling out a new business plan. At Intrepid, we just merged Lift9 and Intrepid. On paper, the prospects are exciting as we merged a creative […]

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