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Entrepreneur’s Job is Putting Together the Right Team

As an entrepreneur of a startup company, I imagine myself as a general manager of a professional baseball team. My main job is putting together the RIGHT team. Many think an entrepreneur’s first task is to come up with a killer concept. Yet, it’s been said many times that  “ideas” can be a dime a […]

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Smaller Living Quarters Help Families, Companies

Recently, we moved into a Seattle downtown condo, 1,500 square feet of urban living. It’s been great so far, but I was a bit worried about having enough room when our second son comes home during his college breaks. Surprisingly, however, all of us living in such close proximity of each other has been yet […]

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Tiger Exemplifies Insecurities of Unbalanced Development

We humans are truly fragile. When we really excel at one thing, it always seems to be at the cost of something else. Tiger Woods’ recent infidelity problems are a good reminder. Here’s a prodigy, a talent like the world has never known. He’s been golfing in public since he was four years old, under […]

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Report on Nordstorm Shows Lift9′s Capabilities

Here on this blog, I’ve often written about the progress of my newest venture, Lift9. My thoughts on company-building and entrepreneurship are a recurring theme for sure. After coming up with a business plan in July and finding the right partners, we started hiring and building a social media research center in Ho Chi Minh, […]

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Aging is Apparently my Fault

As I get older, one person seems particularly upset about my aging progression. No, it’s not my wife. She actually doesn’t seem much bothered by me aging as she is very much more concerned about looking youthful herself. No, it’s not my kids. In fact, they would prefer for me to act and look older […]

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