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AIG Executives in Breach of their Duties to Shareholders with Bonus Payouts

Meet Edward Liddy, Chairman of AIG, the insurance giant that is fast becoming the poster child for the blunders in the current financial crisis. The company remarkably announced today its intention to pay out $165 million in bonuses and compensation after taking more than $170 billion in federal bailout money. Hello? The company recently had […]

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@Comcastcares Extends World Class Customer Service to Social Media

Meet @comcastcares, the Twitter profile for Frank Eliason, arguably the most famous customer service manager in the US. Frank is the Director of Digital Care for Comcast. When thinking about best practices being developed for customer care on Twitter, Comcast, and perhaps Dell, come to mind.  These brands have taken a very proactive approach to […]

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King County Sheriff Deputy Paul Schene’s Over-reaction Begs the Question of Common Sense

Meet King County Sheriff Deputy Paul Schene, a bully and a moron with a badge.  That is not a good combination. Look, no one is making an excuse for the 15-year-old girls he arrested for driving a stolen car.  They need their justice as well.  But officer Schene’s reaction to the girl in jail (captured […]

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Team Hoyt: Inspirational Love Between Father & Son

Meet Dick and Rick Hoyt, an amazingly inspirational father and son team. Love is so powerful.

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Maintaining Quality of Life as People Live Longer

Meet Father Time, it’s constant and relentless. My wife just had her 45th birthday and took a test which predicted that she would live to 102. That means she could potentially live another 57 years! Sheesh, our kids have moved out, we’ve already lived on three different continents, and I’ve been involved in four start […]

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