Predicting Fallout of Too Many Sons in China Could Have Paid Off

Chinese traditional_wedding1So, there are 32 million more men than women under the age of 20 in China according to a 2005 Chinese census. That’s roughly the population of Canada. Yikes!

Now, the price of gifts required by the families of brides is skyrocketing. This is a social anomaly in the making for 30 years of population planning policy and the Chinese customary preference for sons.

If Chinese parents had been strategic marketers, they would have seen the opportunity of the inevitable rise in value of daughters. Of course, I partly jest, but there certainly is a marketing and business lesson in there as well. What changes are occurring today that will alter demand tomorrow? There, my friend, lies the opportunities of tomorrow.

In China, ill-intentioned people are starting to take advantage. Change offers opportunity for every sort. Here’s a WSJ story about scamming brides.

Next time I’m in a bar with an imbalance of male-to-female ratio, I’ll have a different perspective.