Sensuality, not Sleaziness, in Adult Novelty

Meet Coco de Mer, a provider of exotic luxury. Coco de Mer operates stores in the UK and has a compelling website for those in the US. The brand sells designer sex toys and lingerie. Coco de Mer is but one of many companies trying to take adult novelty products to the mainstream — or more accurately, high-end mainstream.

Our perceptions and attitudes about sex has changed dramatically even in the last decade with the wide deployment of broadband. We feel more comfortable researching our human sexuality — and there’s a lot of diverse information out there in the world wide web. While our culture still considers much of the adult novelty industry a sleazy business (some of that the fault of the unimaginative marketers within the industry itself), some innovators are transforming “sleazy” into edgy, into mainstream sensuality.

Ohmibod is another brand exuding edgy sexiness. Omnibod’s main product is a vibrator that moves to the rhythm of your music on your ipod. The Ohmibod website is tasteful and as sexy as a contemporary music video, not raunchy sleazy like most other adult novelty sites.

This is a developing space that represents tantalizing potential. Other than the high-end designer sex toys of Coco de Mer or the hipness of the rhythmic toys of Ohmibod, there WILL BE other brands that capture even more of the imagination of the mainstream. I will be presenting one such brand in coming months. I hope this brand will capture your sensual imagination as well. Stay tuned.

Here’s a video from Coco de Mer: Whatever Tickles Your Fancy