Poll Results from Final 2008 Presidential Debate

MeetKendall and MeetJohnSong have conducted a poll following each of the three 2008 presidential debates, as well as the lone vice presidential debate.  Both of us are very engaged in these elections, with one supporting Senator MCain and the other supporting Senator Obama.  Yet, our polls consistently favored the Democratic candidates:

First Presidential debate:  Obama (71%), McCain (29%)

Vice Presidential debate:  Biden (69%), Palin (31%)

Second Presidential debate: Obama (79%), McCain (21%)

Third Presidential debate:  Obama (80%), McCain (17%)

Although other polls also declared Obama the winner in each of the presidential debates, the margins were narrower than our polls.  The same was true with the vice presidential debate where our poll showed a wider margin for Biden than other polls.  One interesting point was that the Vice Presidential poll attracted far more voters (395) than the presidential debates polls (179 in the first and less in the following debates).  The vice presidential debate definitely had more of a “circus” feel to it with Sarah Palin being so unknown to the public.

The analysis is that completely web-based (unscientific) polls tended to disproportionally favor Barack Obama over John McCain.  Right now, Obama is followed by 99,922 people on twitter, by far the most of anyone.   John McCain (not sure if it is in fact the McCain campaign team running this twitter) has only 3,236.  I think this says a lot about the demographics of each candidate’s supporters.  Twitter is in the “early adoption” phase for online social media enthusiasts.

Thank you all for your participations.  These candidates are two extraordinary people, and one of them will soon  be the new leader of the world soon during extraordinary times.

Below are poll results from the final presidential debate.

  Barack Obama John McCain
CNN/Opinion Research Corp



Among men



Among women



CBS Undecided Voters



MeetKendall/MeetJohnSong (unscientific)