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Disrupt Comfort Zones For Strategy Sessions

Want the next company strategy meeting to be full of creativity with real engagement from all participants? It’s surprising to me how difficult that can be. Like many things in our lives, these meetings can become a rut of mundane routines. We work in a time of highly specialized skill sets, where each of us […]

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What Paper Napkins Tell About A Country

One way to understand the level of development of an economy is by the availability of paper napkins and/or tissues in local restaurants. When I had lived in Seoul in the late 1980′s, it was really difficult to get decent-sized paper napkins at local restaurants. If lucky, you would be given a small single-ply piece. Please […]

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Vietnam Office Wins Over Visitors

Now it’s almost become routine. Work visitors from all over the world coming through the Alterian Vietnam office in Ho Chi Minh City, leaving with warm memories and a real affinity for the team. This past week we had 10 visitors in the office. One group was there to launch projects for a wonderful new client, who has really […]

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Good Bye Vietnam, For Now

So concludes another trip to Vietnam. It was cooler than my last visit in Spring. It’s rainy season and the overcast skies provided some relief from the sun, and the occasional down pours cooled the city. The Intrepid research center moved during my trip. While the start-up office, two rooms in a large house, was […]

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Video blog: Back in Vietnam where it Began

The first video blog post. Would love any feedback.

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Ok, Things I Loved About Vietnam

Travel is a passion of mine. It is for a lot of people. Once in Jakarta as a young businessman, I moved out of my five-star hotel for a weekend, just to stay with back packers in another part of town. That, however, was a long time ago. Yet, with such perspective in mind, let […]

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Building an International Team is Challenging, Rewarding

Hiring new employees is always a challenge. Trying to hire in a foreign country takes the challenge to another level. Lift9 is building part of its social media research center in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam to support our efforts here in the states. We believe that in order to make much of the social media […]

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Maneuvering Through Opportunities & Traffic in Vietnam

I hold on tightly behind my brother as he deftly maneuvers his scooter through the seemingly chaotic traffic of Ho Chi Minh City. At first, watching hordes of cars and scooters sharing the streets and avoiding each other without apparent defined rules can be both astonishing and terrifying. But from the back seat of Paul’s […]

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Asia Offers More Than Just A Business Opportunity

One of my criteria for a new start-up venture was to have an international twist. Having lived and worked in Europe and Asia, I was comfortable with either or both. As fate would have it, I’m heading back to Asia and couldn’t be happier about it.  If the business plan is well executed, we’ll be […]

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Joe Chang Finds Another World In Southeast Asia

Meet Joe Chang, who just returned from vacationing in Thailand and Vietnam.  Yes, he has a big smile on his face when not yawning from jetlag.  He loved it:  The weather, the culture, the food, the nightlife. Joe is a single 30-year-old Korean-American, born in Vancouver, WA and never lived outside of Washington state.  He […]

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