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Bonjour de Montpellier

Bonjour de Montpellier. I arrived here last Thursday after 19 hours of traveling (including layover time of course). First of all, the photos of the apartment I found on line were a bit embellished. Nonetheless, I’ve gotten used to my “student-type” of housing. I’m not here for luxurious pampering. I came here to get out […]

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Discovering African Hospitality

On our way to a safari, we’ve discovered something wonderful about Africa seldom tauted: The graciousness of its people. While excited about seeing the African wildlife in its natural habitat, we also have discovered a respectful and warm culture of friendly people. I’ve already written about traveling with my parents on this trip. My father […]

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The French Foods, Wines & People of Montpellier

For about a week, my wife and I enjoyed Montpellier, France. It was our first time there and we will definitely be back. Despite a rainy start (storm front throughout Northern Mediterranean), the weather cleared up and we enjoyed three days of sun at a pleasant 62F. The city had great young vibrancy in the […]

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Costa Rica Vacation

Just spent a week in Costa Rica, on the Papagayo peninsula at the Exclusive Resort adejacent to the Four Seasons. It was my first vacation since the closing of the sale of Intrepid to Alterian at the end of August. I enjoyed my time with old and new friends. Of course, getting a week with my wife […]

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Prefer Another Visit than a Book about My Hometown

Please indulge me.  I want to tell a story – of course, about myself. While I was the managing director in London running the EMEA region for Noetix, my wife decided to rent a flat in Paris during one of the summers.  She found an adorable place in “Le Marias”, a chic district in the […]

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