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#PleasantSurprises of your Lives

The hashtags on Twitter can serve many purposes. Certainly, they help people  filter for current topics of interest. It should be no surprise that #JobsSpeech is very popular today given President Obama’s speech earlier. Other hashtags can be just for entertainment/fun value.  Some of these allow people to share interesting thoughts and experiences under a common theme. For example, […]

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How Many Persona’s Are You?

How many personalities do you have? Or a more appropriate question is how many persona’s are you? Since we were little kids, we learned to project different persona’s depending on the situation, environment or the company around us. I know I certainly projected myself differently in church than I did around my jock friends in […]

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Building Social Media Rapport with Brand Enthusiasts

Surveys have shown that around 74% of people believe recommendations from friends or acquaintances, while only about 14% believe in brand advertisement claims. Having credible people be your brand  enthusiast can be extremely powerful, especially when communicated in an authentic manner — as part of a person’s normal conversation. Let me use my friend, Kendall […]

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@Comcastcares Extends World Class Customer Service to Social Media

Meet @comcastcares, the Twitter profile for Frank Eliason, arguably the most famous customer service manager in the US. Frank is the Director of Digital Care for Comcast. When thinking about best practices being developed for customer care on Twitter, Comcast, and perhaps Dell, come to mind.  These brands have taken a very proactive approach to […]

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Watching Heroes with Twitter’s #Heroes Redefines Interactive TV

 Meet Greg Grunberg, a trailblazer of sorts in integrating social media ever closer with a television show.  Oh yeah, he’s also an actor who play Matt Parkman in the popular television series Heroes.  He plays a policeman who can read and influence people’s thoughts.  One of the scarier powers, I think. Greg tweets avidly on Twitter, with […]

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Social Media For Social Good For One Home Many Hopes

  Meet Vanessa Leong.  She is spearheading the social media fund-raising element for One Home Many Hopes. This is an organization that working to improve the lives of orphaned girls in Mtwapa, Kenya.  “Mudzini Kwetu” uses education and family support as ways to lift these children out of cyclical poverty.  Today, there are 35 parentless girls […]

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Obama, The Most Popular Twitter

    Meet Barack Obama, the most followed person in the world — on Twitter.  As of today, the US presidential candidate has 103,234 followers.  Despite his tremendous popularity, Obama’s campaign doesn’t use the service very aggressively with only 236 updates (tweets). Most of his updates have been notifications of where Obama is speaking and a link […]

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Poll Results from Final 2008 Presidential Debate

MeetKendall and MeetJohnSong have conducted a poll following each of the three 2008 presidential debates, as well as the lone vice presidential debate.  Both of us are very engaged in these elections, with one supporting Senator MCain and the other supporting Senator Obama.  Yet, our polls consistently favored the Democratic candidates: First Presidential debate:  Obama […]

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Twitter For Effective Executive Communication

Social media applications are changing the way we communicate.  We expose ourselves with a portfolio of personal data to be understood, appreciated and unique.  Communication is now open, collaborative.   In the corporate world, however, very few companies consider how to use social media applications and its concepts for internal communication.  Sure, marketers and thought-leaders […]

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