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Being a Part of the Human Network

Some people, I think, still are confused about why I’ve decided to spend two months in southern France mostly alone. Frankly, it could have been here or a town in Ethiopia or Indonesia. I chose Montpellier because I’m slightly familiar with the French culture and I thought the weather would actually be better than it […]

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Ayasofya Represents A Relevant Part of All Our History

Recently I traveled on vacation to Turkey for the first time. Wow, the picturesque country exceeded all my expectations. Istanbul is a modern, hip metropolis with amazing ancient history. The beach resort towns are beautiful with friendly people. And the foods certainly did NOT disappoint. There were so many highlights, but one that I really […]

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I first caught the bug for traveling when I spent a year in Seoul right after college to rediscover my roots. Spending extended time in such a different urban setting was exhilarating, liberating and stimulating. Every day was a new adventure. Prior to that I’d spent most of my life in the southern suburbs of […]

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What Paper Napkins Tell About A Country

One way to understand the level of development of an economy is by the availability of paper napkins and/or tissues in local restaurants. When I had lived in Seoul in the late 1980′s, it was really difficult to get decent-sized paper napkins at local restaurants. If lucky, you would be given a small single-ply piece. Please […]

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Packing Again

It’s time to pack again. At least I can take a small suitcase since I’m headed to tropical weather in Saigon. Today is my younger son’s 21st birthday, but we celebrated last night with the extended family by grilling filet mignons and lobsters. He’s got big plans to spend a few nights at the Tulalip Casino […]

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Observations of Seoul

Just concluded a week-long visit to Seoul, Korea. Certainly, a lot has changed since I lived here 20 years ago. The country has become truly an affluent, developed nation. People seem a bit more relaxed, courteous, without the constant chip on the shoulder like before. The things that impressed me the most were: Food. Affluence brings lots […]

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Unlikely of Friends in the Unlikeliest of Situations

Twenty-six years ago (1985), I showed up in Seoul as a naive Korean-American student looking to find my roots. The problem was that I had very little Korean language skills and even less cultural perspective. At the time, a 6′ 4″ bald white man befriended me and took me under his wing. No one stuck out […]

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Fasting Helps Overcome Jetlag

As a frequent international traveler, it’s important to overcome jetlag quickly at my destinations to maximize productivity during these visits. That’s easier said than done, especially as I get older. Recently, a colleague at Alterian told me about a BBC special that explained how our human brains have a second “feeding clock”  that can override our “master clock” when food is […]

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Good Bye Vietnam, For Now

So concludes another trip to Vietnam. It was cooler than my last visit in Spring. It’s rainy season and the overcast skies provided some relief from the sun, and the occasional down pours cooled the city. The Intrepid research center moved during my trip. While the start-up office, two rooms in a large house, was […]

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By Chance Ethiopian Dinner Experience

It was by sheer chance. A business colleague and I were discussing a possible channel partnership agreement while having drinks at a Jazz club in West London. When it was my turn to refresh our drinks, I bumped into a friendly Ethiopian lady visiting family from Singapore. Both my business colleague and I knew a […]

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