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Unified Executives Lead a Unified Organization

Once again, I’m reminded about the most important team within an organization — the executive team. In planning for the upcoming year, an executive team’s ability to align, collaborate, and plan the overall strategy will determine the potential success for any company. In today’s complex organizations, unified and efficient coordination of parts is more vital […]

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Selfless Compromises For The Team

Sometimes one has to make compromises without letting others know. Parents often do this for their children or a spouse for their significant other. Such undetected compromises keep the family unit tighter and there is a quiet personal reward for making sacrifices for the betterment of a team. It can be very gratifying. Often times, […]

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Self Awareness that Will Lead to Better Team Dynamics

Understanding one’s own strengths and weaknesses is an important step toward continuous growth and self-improvement. I’m constantly surprised at how many of my personal traits that are obvious to others always take so long for me to realize. For example, I’ve long considered myself an empowering delegator. Recently,  I’ve finally had to admit that I can be […]

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Lencioni’s 5 Dysfunctions of a Team

Do you know the five dysfunctions of team… at least from Patrick Lencioni’s perspective? In a story-telling format, he’s laid out an interesting case for what are the dysfunctions keeping most teams from optimal performance — and how to get around them.  Here is a sampling of each of the five dysfunctions. If these resonate […]

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Walking Through Portobello Market, Watching Teamwork at Play

I’m in London working for a couple of weeks, staying at a bed and breakfast over a quaint pub called Portobello Gold. As the namesake may  indicate, I’m staying right in the heart of the Portobello Market, just off of Notting Hill. Every morning, I walk through the market to work. Being jetlagged, I’m up […]

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High Tea Helps Face-to-Face Communication

While working at CSG Openline as the Vice President of Operations, one of my biggest challenges was to create a collaborative environment across the different delivery departments. Immediately, I had recognized that the teams relied too much on email communication and not enough on basic face-to-face resolutions of problems. In order to facilitate better teamwork […]

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