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Shop to Stop Diabetes, a Win-Win-Win Scenario

Here’s a real sweet deal. You can buy $100 (or more) worth of retail gift certificates for $20 and most of that money goes to the American Diabetes Association (ADA). So, you get great products at substantial discounts while a worthwhile cause receives a new stream of donations. That is a good deal! The concept has been tested successfully over the last […]

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Understanding the Stair Step Pattern Of Company Growth

Company building is a unique experience. An entrepreneur can experience a huge gyrations of emotions in any given day: ‘Wow, we’re going to do this!’  ‘Oh, we’re going to crash and burn’.  ‘My employees hate me’.  ‘My customers love me’… With experience, however, you come to expect these twists and turns. In fact, you kind […]

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Entrepreneur’s Job is Putting Together the Right Team

As an entrepreneur of a startup company, I imagine myself as a general manager of a professional baseball team. My main job is putting together the RIGHT team. Many think an entrepreneur’s first task is to come up with a killer concept. Yet, it’s been said many times that  “ideas” can be a dime a […]

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Simple Risk-Aversion Test to See if You can Make it as an Entrepreneur

Often I meet people who tell me about their dreams to start their own business. They don’t want to work for the man all their lives. They ask me what it takes to start your own business. It’s a difficult question to answer because there are so many elements to being an entrepreneur. First, you […]

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In the Zone Week

I’ve had an “in the zone” type of a week, where things just fall into place. The Lift9 research center in Vietnam is now set up. Our web site will soon be launched (sorry, but with so many execution points, this has taken a back seat). Now, more good news seem to be on the […]

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Lift9, Making Sense of Social Media Data

Time to share a little more information about our new startup, Lift9. The era of social media is just beginning. Digital information is doubling every 18 months, with social media data leading the charge. Unfortunately, this data is mostly fragmented and unstructured. Content is coming from all directions and impossible to control. While leading the […]

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Simplicity in Business Plan a Good Start

I’ve been running around meeting different people with my new business plan. I’m pitching to experienced entrepreneurs and businessmen mainly for constructive feedback. I work best under an iterative process, trying to refine my pitch AND plan after each presentation. Many times the oral presentations and critical exchanges really take my written thoughts to another […]

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KAC Networking Social Highlights Need for Innovation

Yesterday, I had the privilege of MC’ing a professional networking social event in Seattle. This event, organized by KAC (Korean American Coalition), highlighted entrepreneurship. I gave the following perspective on the importance of entrepreneurship: We live in a time of exponential changes. Advancement in technology continues to redefine our lives at a rapid pace. China […]

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Josiah Johnson Starts Job Mob

    Meet Josiah Johnson, a man about town y’all!  Josiah is one of those cool persons that everyone wants to befriend.  He knows, so it seems, e-v-e-r-y-o-n-e.  At least, he knows anyone who went to Western Washington University and now lives in the greater Seattle area. Josiah is the consummate networker, which has made […]

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