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Maneuvering Through Opportunities & Traffic in Vietnam

I hold on tightly behind my brother as he deftly maneuvers his scooter through the seemingly chaotic traffic of Ho Chi Minh City. At first, watching hordes of cars and scooters sharing the streets and avoiding each other without apparent defined rules can be both astonishing and terrifying. But from the back seat of Paul’s […]

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Naming of a Company, Lift9

Hey, what’s in a name? Well, quite a bit according to branding experts. Naming companies have become increasingly difficult with the prerequisite of having to secure a corresponding domain name. It amazes me the words and combination of words that have been secured as domain names. Branding experts generally advise new companies to pick a […]

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Valuing A Start-Up Company

How does one value a start-up company? Some do it from comps (comparable companies) and then discount for the many risks as a start-up. Some look at projected financials or maybe market share. Some calculate the amount of unpaid labor that may be required by founders and try to value the company that way. Some […]

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Picking the Right Team for Your Startup

When starting a new venture, everything begins with picking the right team. That is something heavily on my mind right now as I am about to launch a new company. In “Good to Great”, the book clearly found empirical evidence showing that the team is more important than the vision or idea. The reasoning is […]

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