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Embrace the New Disruptive World Order and Its Opportunities

I’m such a lucky guy! I live in a time of great change. Disruptive ideas abound everywhere.  This is a time when people who are flexible and forward-thinking get rewarded. We’re collecting more data than ever imaginable even 20 years ago and the opportunities to do something amazing with that information remain wide open. We […]

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When EF Hutton Talks, People Listen; Today’s EF Huttons Are Talking On Social

Following up on my last post about how conversations have always been leading indicators of what is about to come, I remembered some great E.F. Hutton commercials in the late 1970′s, early 1980′s. Anyone who was around in the US during that time would remember that when “E.F. Hutton talks, people listen”. I still think […]

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My Customer Journey with the iPhone

My first iPhone was the iPhone II. It was pretty much love at first swipe on the then novel interface that was so intuitive. My experience was brilliant. Here was a device that seemed to understand how any human would want to interface with a small device. Without question, I was highly committed to the […]

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Five Segments in Social Listening to Help Plan Your Move

I’m a big believer in the Social Media Listening space. I started a company in July, 2009 to provide reports and insights using social data and it has since changed its name three times through a merger and two acquisitions. Yet, the opportunities are just beginning. If you are an entrepreneur or an investor interested in the Social […]

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Succession Planning Leads to More Effective Team

Succession planning is a critical part of management that is often overlooked. Great leaders develop great teams. Some mistake charismatic people as naturally effective leaders. These people can be very effective in doing amazing things by themselves but often times over-shadow their team, not allowing others to grow around them. If one thinks in terms of a succession plan, […]

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Social Media Disruption

What does opportunity look like? How does disruption impact an industry? Here are social media monitoring tools recently acquired by variety of industries (CRM, PR, Market Research, Retail): – Techrigy – Biz360 -Drillteam -Stepchange -Crayon -Jitterjam -Evolve24 -Sysomos -Overtone -Kosmix -Radian6 How about these consultancies, which all focus on Social Media and were recently acquired? […]

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Social Media Market Opportunities Moving Forward

It’s been a whirlwind of a week here in the UK. After the resignation of Alterian’s CEO, David Eldridge, I arrived to share my ideas about moving our ‘Social’ line of business forward in the upcoming fiscal year. The opportunity ahead remains tremendous. With Radian6 being acquired by Salesforce.com a couple of weeks ago and then Kana […]

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PART III: When 1+1 Can Equal Something Greater Than 2

PART III: When 1 + 1 Can Equal Something Greater Than 2 We met at Wild Ginger for the first time in December, 2009. Misia Tramp and I talked about leveraging the available social media data for market research projects. She obviously knew her subject matter as she had been providing market research services through […]

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PART II: Continuous, Honest Self-Evaluation of the Business

PART II:  Continuous, Honest Self-Evaluation of the Business Everyone loved the idea conceptually, but securing client contracts was a whole another matter. We started selling our social media solution in late October, 2009. This had given us time to set up and train our researchers in Vietnam. When presented with our sample Lift9 reports on […]

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