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Lifestyle Change, Not Diets to Make Sustainable Changes in Life, Business

So, you look in the mirror and notice putting on some weight. You want to look better, like you did when younger. Remember your glory years? What should you do? There are a lot of diet choices: Atkins diet, South Beach diet, Weight Watchers diet… etc. While each of these diets work in the short term by […]

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Elephants in Your Life

Why are there so many elephants in your room? How come you are ignoring them when they are taking up so much space? Look around your life. You are being suffocated. First acknowledge that the elepants are there, that they are affecting you and everyone else around you. Then, get rid of those elephants from your room. The thing is, everyone […]

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Self Awareness that Will Lead to Better Team Dynamics

Understanding one’s own strengths and weaknesses is an important step toward continuous growth and self-improvement. I’m constantly surprised at how many of my personal traits that are obvious to others always take so long for me to realize. For example, I’ve long considered myself an empowering delegator. Recently,  I’ve finally had to admit that I can be […]

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Timing Really IS Everything

So, I went to the Social Media Club’s tweetup in Bellevue yesterday. Interesting to meet people in person who you may know on twitter.  One of the more engaging conversations was with Pam Hoelzle, who is a business coach based upon her successful — and sometimes unsuccessful — ventures as an entrepreneur. We discussed how […]

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Analytics and Optimization to Measure Your Performance Within Your Family

  The concept of Digital Analytics and Optimization is to measure all digital marketing initiatives against a set of KPI’s (key performance indicators) to ensure proper performance and to find ways for improvement.  Wow, that’s some marketing jargon. But the concept is simple.  Why do you have a web site? Your most important reasons are […]

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