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Multi-Tasking Diminishes Impact

While people have become more productive with modernization, many of us have gone beyond the point of diminishing return.   Multi-tasking allows us to effect more things in a given day, but it doesn’t always allow the quality impact like single-tasking – nor does it allow us to enjoy what we are doing as much. […]

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Designate a “Single-Task Day”

Multi-tasking, in many ways, is over-rated. Engaging in a second task while your computer is running a large query definitely makes sense. But there are many scenarios where multi-tasking leads to poor quality work or just less productive output. Whenever I’m behind a car that is driving dangerously below the speed limit on the freeway, […]

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Build a List of 100

We’ve all been in ruts. We all would like an effective technique that allows us to look at problems differently. Recently, Josiah Johnson, the Director of Business Development at ZeroDash1, and I decided to use the “List of 100” to brainstorm ideas on how to gain a larger footprint in one of our key accounts. […]

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