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#PleasantSurprises of your Lives

The hashtags on Twitter can serve many purposes. Certainly, they help people  filter for current topics of interest. It should be no surprise that #JobsSpeech is very popular today given President Obama’s speech earlier. Other hashtags can be just for entertainment/fun value.  Some of these allow people to share interesting thoughts and experiences under a common theme. For example, […]

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What Type of Music Are You?

Music can effect our moods, alter our perceptions, manipulate our emotions. The music on any video can change the tone of the outgoing message. This is something we are all aware of, yet despite this awareness, it still effects us. Can you image a horror film without music to get you on the edge of […]

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Enjoy Little Things Worth Smiling About

Someone once asked me why I smile so much? Until then, I never knew I smiled much at all. Okay, I knew I obnoxiously laughed a lot when drinking, but that’s different. Anyway, it made me wonder if I really did smile more than most people. For example, right now as I’m writing this I’m […]

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Get in the Zone, And Stay There

Have you ever been in a zone? Athletes talk about it all the time, when everything slows down, their confidence peaks, and they are in complete control. I’ve actually experienced this a few times playing basketball when I just knew that I could get a step on an opponent, shoot, and know that the ball […]

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