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Good to Great Test on Corporate Leaders

As diverse as some of my posts have been, I’ve still tried to highlight impacting personalities, whether positive or negative.   I’ve written many posts about leaders of business, probably because I am a businessman.  Some showed humility like Haruka Nishimatsu, CEO and President of JAL.  Others showed innovation like T.A. McCann of Gist.com. Unfortunately, […]

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Entellium Lists Laid-off Workers As Creditors in Bankruptcy Filings

According to the bankruptcy filings by Entellium, previously laid-off workers are listed as creditors.  Um-hum.   The remaining employees, much maligned by some of those laid-off back in October, persevered through uncertainties to negotiate an asset sale of the spiraling company.  If successful, that sale to Intuit will raise money to pay Entellium’s creditors.  This […]

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Jonathan Roberts Cleaning Up the Entellium Mess, But How Far Will He Go?

Meet Jonathan Roberts, a venture capitalist at Ignition Partners and board member of Entellium.  Previously, I blogged about the arrest of two former Entellium executives for cooking the company books and deceptively raising nearly $50 million in venture money.   Paul Johnston, the former CEO, remains in jail. Parrish Jones, the former CFO, has been […]

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Entellium Executives’ Indictment A Rude Awakening for US All

Meet Paul Johnston (CEO) and Parrish Jones (CFO), two former Entellium executives who have been indicted with wire fraud yesterday.  The criminal complaint says that the company executives devised a scheme to defraud investors by overstating revenues.  The government alleges that actual 2006 revenues were $582,789 but the pair inflated the revenues to nearly $4 million; actual […]

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