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Microsoft Surface2 Addresses New Niche Market

  A few days ago I went against the advice of most of my friends and bought a Microsoft Surface2 over the Samsung, Google and Apple tablets. My rationale was that I needed a portable device with MS Office and a functional keyboard. I’m part of the “new niche” that Surface2 should go after rather than purely […]

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Working Toward a More Distinctive Work Culture

At Nordstrom, new employees will either fit into the work culture or they are going to feel uncomfortable right away. This is also true at companies such as Facebook, Deloitte Consulting, Apple, Microsoft, Abercrombie & Fitch, or Boeing. By “uncomfortable”, I don’t mean feeling bullied or physically intimidated (although that can happen too). I mean […]

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Change a Great Equalizer to More Established Players in the Market

Change may come at different spurts, but it is ever present  in business and personal life. You can count on it. Yet, there are those who resist it and are uncomfortable with the uncertainty of change. Others welcome change as exciting challenges and great opportunities. A fully-functional organization requires both perspectives to varying degrees. Those who protect against whimsical ideas and put efficiency into […]

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Scott Oki, An Inspiring Role Model For All

Meet Scott Oki, an inspiring community activist and philanthropist.    Recently, I had the privilege of working with Scott during the Korean-American Coalition (KAC) national convention, where he volunteered to be one of the keynote speakers. Inspirational and articulate, Scott spoke of the need for “personal integrity”, particularly among our youth.     Growing up in Seattle, […]

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What If Bill Gates Had Never Moved Microsoft to Seattle? Thank You Mr. Gates and Good Luck

Welcome everyone to the Seattle Duck Tour! The first part of the tour will be in Seattle’s historic Pioneer Square district, where the original “skid row” was termed by loggers working in area. Now, manufacturing and retail are the pillars of the region’s economy. Yes, not sexy, but solid blue collar infrastructure… … and now […]

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