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Empower Decision Making As Close To The Customer As Possbile

The popular belief is that command and control principles are no longer necessary in a corporate environment. Yet, there are many corporate headquarters that still incorporate the principles of command and control management. These obsolete approaches are well-trenched in our corporate environment. One reason is that many of today’s executives were trained from the previous decades […]

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Lifestyle Change, Not Diets to Make Sustainable Changes in Life, Business

So, you look in the mirror and notice putting on some weight. You want to look better, like you did when younger. Remember your glory years? What should you do? There are a lot of diet choices: Atkins diet, South Beach diet, Weight Watchers diet… etc. While each of these diets work in the short term by […]

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Trust Leads to Great Accomplishments

The single most important component of teamwork is TRUST. It’s through trust that groups of people can attain great accomplishments. However, building trust can be difficult within groups of people. There can be cultural, personality, leadership, environmental and many other barriers to trust. Some societies are naturally more trusting than others. I believe the US, […]

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Empowering Decision Making Throughout An Organization

As a leader in business, I do not expect (nor do I want) managers to always make the same decision as I would in any given situation. How limiting and dangerous would that be? I believe that a variety of perspective among capable people will eventually lead to the best possible decisions. In order to nurture a sense of […]

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Working Toward a More Distinctive Work Culture

At Nordstrom, new employees will either fit into the work culture or they are going to feel uncomfortable right away. This is also true at companies such as Facebook, Deloitte Consulting, Apple, Microsoft, Abercrombie & Fitch, or Boeing. By “uncomfortable”, I don’t mean feeling bullied or physically intimidated (although that can happen too). I mean […]

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Keeping the Bigger Picture in Mind

No one will mistake me as detail-oriented person. My head is usually in the clouds thinking of things in concepts. That’s why I admire those who pay so much attention to details. I need them around me to make things happen. Some of the really smart people I know are extremely good at solving problems […]

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Motivating Employees

Recently, I gave a short presentation on motivating employees to our Vietnam leadership team. As part of a global organization at SDL, motivating employees principles need to stand up against cultural differences between each office. First of all, most organization hire managers based upon their domain expertise and not for their people skills. There is […]

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Meeting Employees at the Coffee Shop

Every other week or so, I get to have coffee with employees. “CEO Coffee” may not be a new concept but I especially enjoy them. Those sessions take me away from my view of the business to the different perspectives of the employees. Sometimes after just a few sips, I humbly realize how contradictory my […]

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Ambiguity Leads to Complacency

Complacency and lack of urgency within a work environment are poor reflections on leadership. Most people want to be a part of something bigger than just their individual selves. People want to be contributing to a “winning team”.  Such desire to attach and contribute to something great is what has allowed us as humans to […]

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Critical Thinking versus Negativity

Critical thinkers are thorough and can flush out ideas with both conventional and unconventional perspectives. These people have the mental acumen and courage to challenge popular consensus with reasonable reflective thinking. In the end, they can help clarify goals, examine assumptions, discern hidden values, evaluate evidence, accomplish actions, and assess conclusions Critical thinkers move ideas […]

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