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Everything Interesting Happens out on the Fringes

Everything interesting happens out on the fringes. Admit it. It’s true. Artists continuously challenge normal convention to come up with new, innovative expressions. They, along with  chefs, scientists, performers, and other passionate people thrive out on the fringes. We as humans instinctively are drawn to them. They are the quintessential “cool”. Take the stodgy world of network […]

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Confidence and Competence Foundation for Success

CONFIDENCE is vital for success in life and business. I look for confident people when assembling a leadership team. A leader must have confidence in order to lead. A leader also needs to be competent. Success is the right combination of confidence and competence. Today, the multi-billion dollar industry of self-help really focuses on boosting […]

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My flight to Ho Chi Minh City from Seattle was on Asiana Airline with a stop over in Seoul. A petite Korean grandmother and I shared a row with a seat between us. She was very polite and generally non-intrusive, except for wanting to feed me. First, she insisted that I take half of her […]

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How Do Your Friends Affect Your Life?

As a parent, I often worried about the kind of friends my children kept. It’s a major concern for most parents of pre-teen and teenage children. Group mentality is powerful among the youth as they crave a sense of belonging and identity outside the home. But what about adults? We are all social creatures by […]

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Breath, and Appreciate the Moment

Why is it so difficult for us in the Western culture to live in the moment? Right now, it’s blazing hot in Seattle. I’m sipping ice tea at Tully’s and I realize that I’m not really enjoying the refreshing drink. I’m thinking about what I have to get done and who I have to talk […]

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Hunting and Clubbing Little White Balls As a Family Tribe

My father, brother-in-law, brother and I played golf together today. It was a comical foursome on a scorching day  in Seattle. My father started playing golf about nine months ago at the age of 72. He’s lost some mobility due to a surgery to remove calcium deposits in his neck that constricted his spine. Nonetheless, […]

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Get in the Zone, And Stay There

Have you ever been in a zone? Athletes talk about it all the time, when everything slows down, their confidence peaks, and they are in complete control. I’ve actually experienced this a few times playing basketball when I just knew that I could get a step on an opponent, shoot, and know that the ball […]

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Live Your Passion, Integrate Your Life

For me, work and personal life mostly overlap. I don’t work 9 to 5. Sometimes, I’m golfing in the morning and working at night. Other times, I’m at happy hour with colleagues by 4 pm, then head home to answer work emails. I’m not so atypical, as many people enjoy the same flexible work environment. […]

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