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Be Vulnerable, Be Honest with Your Team

In order to build real trust, a person has to be willing to be vulnerable in front of others. This is a tough one for an Asian male like me. My culture of “face-saving” is not conducive to exposing weaknesses. I’ve had friends tell me that I’m easy to befriend but hard to really get to

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Signs of a Great Leader

Leaders who I really admire are those who pass on the credit when successful but always hold themselves accountable when things are challenging. The book, “Good to Great” details how such leaders are found in companies that can make that magic leap to greatness. In today’s difficult economic times many companies are struggling. The leadership will be

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Leading through Momentum Shifts in Business

Momentum is a part of the ebb and flow of life. It often gets magnified in sporting events because of their intense competition format. Momentum shifts in sports can be felt and seen in the results. It’s visible on the face of players, by the reaction of fans, and even in how “luck” seems to

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Building an Effective Leadership Team

The most effective leadership teams are the ones that empower their members enough to challenge one another but is cohesive enough that once a decision is made everyone falls in line. It takes trust from each member to create such a leadership team. There needs to be a transparent environment where difficult situations are directly

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Effective Leaders can Course-Correct & Take Everyone on the Journey

Sometimes I envy those who are satisfied traveling alone on life’s journeys. How easy is that? You get to choose where you want to go, which route to take, what pace you want to travel. You don’t have to convince anyone else. You don’t have to build consensus. I often think about this in business terms. One of the

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Offer Clarity, Not Perfection

In leadership, clarity is critical. How do you expect people to commit and follow if you don’t offer clarity? So many times, I see companies maxing out at one level of development because it’s not clear from leadership what is the next “stair-step” in the company’s devleopment. As a leader, don’t worry about your business

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Invest In Your Strengths As A Leader

Each great leader has different strengths from other great leaders. For example, history points to Winston Churchill and Mahatma Gandhi as great leaders, but everyone would agree that their strengths were completely different. Too many corporate leaders today, according to the book, “Strengths Based Leadership”, study past successful leaders and try to imitate them. Rather,

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Moving Mountains with Leadership

How do you lead?   Create an authentic environment which lets people feel a part of something bigger than themselves individually — with a compelling purpose. My happiest memories include being a part of my high school team that lost three of its first four games before getting on a roll and making it all the

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Making Excuses for Your Management Team?

Management teams say a lot about any company. Effective leaders surround themselves with great people. Such leaders understand their weaknesses and know how to augment those inadequacies by hiring accordingly. Real leaders are not afraid to hire people who will challenge them intellectually. An effective CEO also knows when someone on his/her management team will

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Building Trust Keeps the Team Strong

Trust. Why is it so fleeting? Trust determines your relationships with your most intimate peeps, with your work colleagues, with strangers, with everyone. Some of us have the propensity to trust too much, others too little. In a team environment, it is critical to trust your teammates. When a superstar athlete does not trust his

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