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Ben Huh Providing 5 Minutes of Happiness Each Day

Ben Huh, CEO and Co-Founder of Cheezburger Network, wants to provide people with five minutes of happiness each day with his empire of hilarious niche websites. His favorite is his first, icanhascheezburger, which provides audience-submitted photos of cats with witty captions. Ben presented at the KAC (Korean-American Coalition) Networking Social last night, sharing the history […]

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KAC Networking Social Highlights Need for Innovation

Yesterday, I had the privilege of MC’ing a professional networking social event in Seattle. This event, organized by KAC (Korean American Coalition), highlighted entrepreneurship. I gave the following perspective on the importance of entrepreneurship: We live in a time of exponential changes. Advancement in technology continues to redefine our lives at a rapid pace. China […]

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Scott Oki, An Inspiring Role Model For All

Meet Scott Oki, an inspiring community activist and philanthropist.    Recently, I had the privilege of working with Scott during the Korean-American Coalition (KAC) national convention, where he volunteered to be one of the keynote speakers. Inspirational and articulate, Scott spoke of the need for “personal integrity”, particularly among our youth.     Growing up in Seattle, […]

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No Where to Hide for Successful Venture Capitalist

Meet Ike Lee, a successful businessman and venture capitalist who came to Seattle looking for peace and quiet. Ah, the greenery, the clean air, and relaxation… no way! Ike has had a tremendous track record of finding unique business opportunities. Now, these opportunities are finding him – even here in Seattle. After the burst of […]

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