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Love in Cabo

I was privileged to be a part of a wonderful wedding of two delightful people. He’s a stylish man from Calcutta, India and she a beautiful woman born in St. Petersburg, Russia. It was a destination wedding in the warmth of Cabo San Lucas with the temptation of tequila everywhere. Almost 50 guests trekked to […]

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Unlikely of Friends in the Unlikeliest of Situations

Twenty-six years ago (1985), I showed up in Seoul as a naive Korean-American student looking to find my roots. The problem was that I had very little Korean language skills and even less cultural perspective. At the time, a 6′ 4″ bald white man befriended me and took me under his wing. No one stuck out […]

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New Year Reaffirmation of Life Goals

For the New Year, I’m hopeful that my life will become even more simple, that I find fulfillment by what is accomplished and not by what is accumulated. I want to be more supportive of my family and friends for what they are and not what I want them to be. I would like to […]

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My Adventure in Soho with Hugh Simpson Wells

I lived in London during the early 2000′s, where I  had some of my best memories ever. Now, I’m  back in West London visiting where it took about a half a day to get my bearings to feel as if I had never left. Much of my focus here this time is work, but tonight […]

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Da Boyz Golf, Talk Thrash, Support One Another

Meet da boyz.  Many groups of friends dub themselves “da boyz”.  These, however, are my “da boyz”. Today, on an unseasonably sunny fall day in Seattle, eight of the da boyz scatter in for tee times at Washington National Golf Club, a Scott Oki course. Already well-lubricated, the first to arrive are Pete and Steve.  […]

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