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Three Keys to A Successful Long-Term Relationship

For my son’s wedding, I gave the following toast/advice (paraphrased and elaborated upon here): I believe there are three important keys to keeping the fire ablaze of a good long-term relationship. Inevitably, all relationships will have high points and low points with all sorts of experiences in between. However, attention to these three key fundamental elements should lead to […]

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The Generational Cycle of Immigrants’ Priorities in Life

On January 11, my older son married at the ripe age of 24 to a wonderful girl from Vietnam. It was an emotional day for sure (well, I definitely felt a lot older) but we’re all confident that this union is the right thing for both of them. Among many other reasons, I’m very happy […]

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Discovering African Hospitality

On our way to a safari, we’ve discovered something wonderful about Africa seldom tauted: The graciousness of its people. While excited about seeing the African wildlife in its natural habitat, we also have discovered a respectful and warm culture of friendly people. I’ve already written about traveling with my parents on this trip. My father […]

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Remembering Mothers and the Million Mom March 13 Years Ago

Thirteen years ago for Mother’s Day my wife took our two little boys to Washington DC from Seattle for the Million Mom March. She felt strongly that our country was in need of tighter gun control laws and wanted our boys (then ages 10 and 9) to be a part of the rally. After traveling across country, […]

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Reconnect with Family Today

Merry Christmas everyone. Hope all of you are spending time with loved ones. I’m fortunate enough to be spending Christmas with my extended family up at Snoqualmie Pass, watching snow falling while warm in front of a fire. I’ll be up on the slopes later today. Tonight, we’ll be enjoying a big Christmas feast for […]

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Richness of Life, A Matter of Perspective

Last night, I enjoyed a home-cooked Vietnamese dinner, a day after just returning from Ho Chi Minh City. A Vietnamese-American friend visiting from San Jose prepared a wonderful meal for a group of us. She asked a lot about my trip to Vietnam. She reminisced about growing up in Hanoi with her extended family. She […]

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A Perfect Day with My Mother

I had an amazing mother’s day. My mother’s always been a people person. She has great timing with stories and jokes. She easily entertains in group settings, and is quick to laugh. Despite this, we didn’t always get along when I was a teenager. As a mother, she could be extremely demanding and my adolescence […]

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A Great View of Chicago and a Shout Out to One of Its Entrepreneurs

Chicago is a great city. It’s got grit and flash. Regardless of the fact that the US Census lists Los Angeles as the second most populace city in the US, I consider Chicago the “second” city. After all, is Los Angeles really a city? Of course, I get a bit of a distorted perspective of […]

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Learning Through Parenthood, A Humbling Experience

Parenthood is a humbling experience. It is a rewarding experience. It is a growing experience. Children are a reflection of their parents. Maybe that’s why parenting can be so frustrating. I’ve gone through different phases of parenthood. Of course, there is the “overwhelmed stage” as a young parent. We had our two boys 11 months […]

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Smaller Living Quarters Help Families, Companies

Recently, we moved into a Seattle downtown condo, 1,500 square feet of urban living. It’s been great so far, but I was a bit worried about having enough room when our second son comes home during his college breaks. Surprisingly, however, all of us living in such close proximity of each other has been yet […]

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