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Be Real, but also be Inspiring in Planning

Greetings from Bristol, once a central port city to the old European Slave trade. Today, it’s a nice British town with a¬†vibrant college feel. I’m here for an executive planning session. That means a lot of staring at spreadsheets and engaging in “street (US) / “city” (UK) talk about the company. I’m pretty comfortable¬†with it […]

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Making Excuses for Your Management Team?

Management teams say a lot about any company. Effective leaders surround themselves with great people. Such leaders understand their weaknesses and know how to augment those inadequacies by hiring accordingly. Real leaders are not afraid to hire people who will challenge them intellectually. An effective CEO also knows when someone on his/her management team will […]

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Leadership is Making People Want to Follow

A long, long time ago (mid-1990s) when ARIS was growing rapidly, our company was a sexy, up-and-coming Seattle story. At that time, a senior business development executive from Oracle approached us about helping ARIS expand to the East Coast. The late Pat McGovern had been raised in the Seattle area and graduated from Seattle Prep. […]

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Serving Shareholders with Appreciation

I hosted a Lift9 shareholders meeting last night at my place. Having helped raise money for three companies now, I was selective about the company’s initial investors. The group last night was fantastic and very supportive about what we’re doing at Lift9. I wanted to host the meeting at my personal residence and put in […]

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