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Resolving Conflicts, A Matter of Perspective

One of my sons sees pretty much only the “tree”, and the other one can only see the “forest”.  When they fight, they claim the other is just not listening. They talk past each other and get very frustrated and irritated with one another. It’s tough having two sons who see reality so differently. While siblings […]

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Listen and Respond with Empathy

In the last post, I emphasized EMPATHY for a successful negotiations. Today, I want to take that further to say that “empathy” is important in almost all forms of human interaction. DDI Global, a leading management training group, identifies five key principles to effective communication with your employees: Maintain or enhance self-esteem Listen and respond […]

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Empathy Leads to Win-Win

“Empathy” is one of the most important abilities a human can possess. It’s a trait that is not equally bestowed on each individual. However, each individual, in general, can train themselves to be more empathetic. In business or personal negotiation, empathy plays a critical role. Most of us have heard that “in a successful negotiation, […]

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