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Did You Know?

Meet Karl Fisch, an innovator in education around the field of constructivism and use of technology to foster student-cetered classrooms.   In August 2005  his Arapahoe High School in Colorado received funding for a proposal that was innovative, forward-looking, included a technology component, and not “education as usual.”  The result took the education world by […]

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IT Trainer Focuses on Math in Elementary Education

MEET MR. EDUCATION, otherwise known as Steve Brugger. For the past 19 years, Steve has been providing IT Professional Training through his company, SQL*Soft. Many technical professionals around the greater Puget Sound area have gotten their IT certifications through SQL*Soft. Steve’s company is one of the largest and longest-standing training providers in the Pacific Northwest. […]

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Putting Most of the School Money into Teacher’s Pockets

A charter school in New York city will open in 2009, promising to pay teachers $125,000 in annual salary, plus possible bonuses. No, it’s not a school for the outrageously wealthy families. In fact, the school will only use public money and charter school grants. So, what gives? The teachers will be asked to work […]

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Math Crisis in Washington State

At ZeroDash1, educational background in mathematics, statistics and/or economics are highly valued. As a web analytics company, the ability to analyze information and find patterns in human behavior is crucial. Most of the companies that drive the local economy are looking for the same type of a person. Today, the state of washington public education […]

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